Nike + Collab: Paint With Your Feet

My wonderfully talented friend Zach Lieberman just informed me about a new project he worked on: Zach and his team collaborated with Nike for which they wrote software that makes paintings from GPS data of your runs that Nike+ gets. The basic idea was that it will allow you to “paint with your feet”. They trained a group of runners how to use it and how their running styles affect the system, then worked with them to design posters. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? Read more about it here.

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  1. wow. shades of Jackson Pollack. way cool.

  2. Nice. These are high techly reminscent of a series of McDonald’s posters from the early 1980s. Mike Eruzione and other donned their equipment — sticks, skates and all — and did some splatter paintings that were actually quite nice too. Strangely absent from Google though else I would of posted a link.