With all the YouTubes and Vimeos of the world, a lot of people find it difficult to discover quality video content. Unlike television, where shows are curated by broadcasters competing to produce a better lineup every year, online videos live in an endless, unfiltered pile. The creators of Vidque wanted a single platform that celebrates quality over quantity, with an emphasis on discovery and durability.

Want to see all swissmiss videos I posted on my blog? Go to

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  1. Thank you Tina. I am honoured that you would share Vidque with your readers.

    We really tried to build something useful, not only for us but the community as well.

    If anyone from Swiss Miss signs up and starts using Vidque please post your usernames so that I can follow.

    This is me:

  2. I just signed up and love it! Username: wonderjournal. Just posted to my twitter as well – @wonderjournal.

    Thanks for sharing Tina!