Coffee Sack Basket

This repurposed Coffee Sack Basket made me look.

(via unconsumption)

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  1. hahahaha. I’m from El Salvador. We use those to ship whole grain coffee to the States, but I would have never imagine someone would come up with something like this. Cheers to creativity. Been reading you for a while now and never thought I’d see this. Btw Got Something u might like, later Tina !

  2. Hey! Check out My dad is a coffee roaster and this is what he does with the burlap sacks.

  3. Made me look, too. Such a great repurposing idea.

    –Molly (from Unconsumption)

  4. This is really cool! I’m also from El Salvador and I’m always glad to see things being exported from there, haha

  5. Lost Property of London does them with Liberty florals inside:

    Lovely stuff!