Dear Manhattan,

Considering I am calling myself the inofficial ambassador of Brooklyn, it’s no surprise, this poster by Matt Pisane made me smile.

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  1. You can say a lot of things about Manhattan, but ugly it ain’t.

    –the unofficial ambassador of Manhattan (wink wink)

  2. It’s not meant to be taken literally – the ‘ugliness’ is probably a reference to other things… I think it’s kinda funny….

  3. Dear Brooklyn,

    You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for us.

    Love Manhattan


  4. Dear Brooklyn,

    You wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for me. You’re Canada.

    Love Manhattan

  5. Dear Brooklyn,

    You’re Portland-light.

    Love Manhattan

  6. Dear readers,

    I heart you.
    Please keep them coming.

    Love Swissmiss

  7. “who cant make it here, go to brooklyn.”

  8. Dear Brooklyn,

    Don’t be a jealous hipster snob. You used to be cool.

    Love, Manhattan.

    BTW-I can see your junk in those skinny jeans.

  9. This would be a fun book project. Having love letters from Manhattan and Brooklyn on spreads across from each other, done with fun illustrations!

  10. Screw all of you.

    Love, The Bronx

  11. Dear Manhattan,

    The gig is up. Shots, bottle service, bouncers, guest lists, etc. get old. Can’t be 25 forever, but you can enjoy life…in Bklyn.

    Maybe if Trump lived here he’d let the toupee go.


  12. Dear Brooklyn,

    even at post office you are not “New York, New York.”

  13. Dear Manhattan,
    I’m tired of keeping our love-child a secret. You’re nothing but a puffed up, chest-thumping, narcissistic ass who’s pulled the wool over the world’s eyes for far too long. The cat’s out of the bag. I may be foolish but I’m no fool-you’re ugly AND stupid.

  14. I hear she hooked up with Queens.

  15. “wait, what’s up?”

    -Staten Island

  16. Dear Brooklyn,

    You have become such a mainstream beacon of so-called “cool” that your outsider status is entirely imaginary now.

    There’s more snobbery toward Manhattan than there is towards Brooklyn these days and it’s making you look like a 14 year-old girl with issues.

    Perhaps you should take up smoking cloves and hanging out at Hot Topic?