The i-Log made me look and smile. It’s a wooden charging station that accomodates an iPad both vertically or horizontally. Hand picked, hand carved and handsome. #wishlisted

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  1. very nice,

    I presume you have seen the i-Log from the Owl Project


  2. Poor tree

  3. Stunning.

    NOTHING can beat the effect of wood-electronics combination.

  4. There’s lot of similar things going on at the moment, nice one anyways.

  5. This is tacky. Not everything from/for iPad is good.

  6. @Misty And so the i-Log proves that taste is objective. You might not approve and call this tacky. I on the other hand would say, this made me smile and I’d love to own one. It’s all relative and that’s why the world is a beautiful place.

  7. This is a really good idea! I like this. My husband must build this thing for me tonight. ;-)

  8. iLog is a good attempt. Over at @honestdock (http://honestdock.com) we have taken a more unique and authentic approach to a wood dock.

    We wanted to create a dock that stepped out of the way of Mother Nature and showed the real beauty of wood.

  9. Otep, i don’t know how to extract oil from the platns, better i-research mo kung paano over the internet, malamang me mahahanap ka, kasi unang-una, nahanap mo ang sinulat ko O kaya try mo magtanong sa mga DOST baka makatulong sila sa iyo.