Leather Pen Case

What a lovely, simple leather pen case.

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  1. if only it was fake leather…

  2. Reminds me of a case I found in Bogotá, Colombia at Mu Bags. They do amazing work: http://is.gd/0AmRo1

  3. if only it was fake leather….(ditto: erika!)

  4. Wie früher in der Schule. Nach ein paar Wochen sah es allerdings schon anders aus, nachdem darauf alle unterschrieben hatten.

  5. Looks quite similar to the classic Beckmann leather pencil case that almost everyone had here in Norway had when I went to school back in the nineties.

    Found a picture of it here: http://andreapuss.blogg.no/images/453387-4-1248196815301-n600.jpg

  6. Hi there!!

    Nice!! i love leather pencil cases i recently bought one from a company in London called Sage Brown as i was sick of having flowery or tinny pencil cases when going to business meetings etc. Check out the one that i purcahsed and see if you like http://www.sagebrown.co.uk/48-Small-Leather-Goods/49-Pen-Holders/1134-Small-Leather-Pencil-Case/Detailed-product-flyer.html