Please meet the grown-up version of a Teddybear: MrTedi, made out of a mens shirt. I am smitten. Designed by Mrs Jermyn. #wishlisted

(via Crush+Lovely)

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  1. Ahh, sweet! And made of men’s shirts! You’ve given me a Father’s Day gift idea. Thanks! :)

  2. OOF. Pretty cute, but can’t say I love the humongo head.

  3. Awwww!

    Brilliant Idea! :)

    I love tinkering with old clothes too… I make bags, dolls, wallets, etc.

    and I would love to make Mr. Tedi! :)

    Will let you know how it turns out!

  4. so sweet! i want to give it a cuddle

  5. Aww!!! And they say cute character is all about the eyes.. This one doesn’t even have any! :)

  6. Surely you spell it “huggable”…

  7. so cute ……! i want it