Place for Trace

Merchant no. 4 sells this beauty of a product called Place for Trace. It celebrates the good old roll of trace that has long adorned architect’s desks. Often they wind up in a drawer, only to succumb to marks and tearing. O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio have designed this simple yet ingenious wood trace holder to solve the problem. Able to hold a standard roll of trace, with room for up to 15 pens and pencils, Place for Trace is beautifully executed in Walnut, Beech or White Oak. What to do if you love Place for Trace but aren’t an architect? Use it as a handy ‘Catch All’ tool for your desk. It works great holding keys, spare change and pens.

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  1. Architect still use roll of trace! :)
    Hug from Zürich!

  2. Gorgeous! …but I’m worried the holes aren’t quite large enough for my Pilot Razor Point II to go in cap first.

  3. I have one, I can say with confidence your pilot will fit nicely!

  4. Anyone still use the yellow color tracing roll? Used to call it onion skin:)

  5. sadly it looks like they are no longer carrying this item – anyone know where to find it now?