Puntine Colorate

These are the kind of pushpins I grew up with in Switzerland. On the Curiosity Shoppe they call it the Italian Pushpins. Anyhow, seeing these made me feel a little nostalgic. (le sigh)

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  1. :-)
    nice! grew up with them as well, in Italy

  2. they still exist in switzerland :-) or at leat the kind does.

  3. I used tacks like these (same style, not the same brand) to reupholster a set of dining chairs. Worked really well!

  4. I grew up in England and we had the same “thumb tacks”. :)

  5. Across the pond from England (USA) we call them thumb tacks, as well.

  6. I grew up in Taiwan and used the same thumb tacks as well. I remember the the colored circles (plastic pieces made to cover the metal round part) would fall off after a long period of use.

  7. You would think Pantone would jump all over this little item.

  8. I have great memories of these when I was a kid. Also remember them being called thumb tacks. I used to take them and make patterns on the cork boards in our home.