Retro Rooster Print

I have never really figured out why I am so obsessed with chickens and roosters, but until then, I’ll just keep admiring posters like this Retro Rooster Print by Mengsel. Lovely, no? (I have a feeling Brainpicker might approve of the color scheme)

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  1. similar to my love of owls – no idea why – but there it is

  2. the rooster crows, but the hen delivers! love this print so much.

  3. I also adore chickens! So pleased to find someone else who does too. See if you can find this book: Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage. I covet that poster…

  4. This is such a great graphic print because it takes some attention to immediately see the roosters and chickens…love that it is playful while still having a modern look for anyone’s wall.

  5. Very interesting lined up. Nicely)