Slot-in Table

This foldable and easy to store table called Nzela made me rejoice. What a beautiful and practical design! I hope they’ll make one in all-white!

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  1. This is completely awesome, especially for homes and spaces with children because kids love furniture that is dynamic. It will keep their interest peaked and make work time and activity times more interesting and less arduous and tantrum filled because the environment always looks new and creative…kids love to discover new spaces.

  2. Very interesting design

  3. I have had tables like this over the years. The first were simple a wood fiberboard tables that had a simple round table top. They were for side tables and you’d put a floor length cloth over them with a glass top.

    Next I purchased an all white version from the craft store. Much large rectangular white melamine. The pieces and the top locked into place with furniture locks like you find on ikea furniture, pins may work too. I liked them both because I could use or store them easily. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy and do not relocate easily or safely by being pushed on the floor. They could also cause harm if they collapse from lateral stress to the base or top.

  4. I would love this, but the price can’t be right. $17000?

  5. It’s definitely channeling those great Mondrian dresses of the early 1960s that I remember my mother wearing….Gorgeous! and playful!

  6. They are in fact very easy to make yourself, in any size or colour you like. It is an exceedingly simple and straightforward design to make at home…and not an original one either. Where on earth did they get that astronomical price from?

  7. Loved this and was about to send it on to a client when – thankfully – I researched a little further and saw the sky high price tag! Wouldn’t be surprised to find it at Ikea sooner than later…

  8. Ingenious, not only a delight for the senses. I like the idea that is also functional, foldable and easy to store, perfect if you’re limited for space, but then again who would want to pack away such attractive furniture. Its design is akin to having a rubix cube in your office or dining room. I definitely agree with TheDisgruntled Architect, parents will go to no-end to make sure that their little ones are in a dynamic environment.