Treasure Wheels

Treasure Wheels™ is an urban dolly kit that fits in a satchel and is a must-have tool for urban scavengers. Treasure Wheels™ lets you wheel those urban treasures home, by simply attaching the wheels to the artifact of your fancy, and get rolling.

Nothing short of brilliant!

(Thank you Yael)

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  1. smart tool, simple idea. :-)

  2. this is so smart! lov it

  3. Hot damn, this is an awesome idea.

  4. As a scavenger myself, I LOVE THIS IDEA.

    Yowza! Brilliant!

  5. What a fantastic idea. Just proves the simplest ideas are the best.

  6. love this idea…would’ve been perfect for dragging home some of the treasures I just mentioned in my post!

  7. hmm … do you have that “d***, why didn’t I think of that”-feeling too ?

  8. Interesting, they could almost double up as roller skates :)