Unique New York: The (AIGA) Auction

AIGA/NY is currently organizing an amazing auction called Unique New York. They want you to bid early, and bid often, so you can take home a piece of Unique New York! The auction features a small collection of covetable artwork, collage and constructions from twelve unique talents from their New York creative pool. Some of the works are quite large, some are quite small, but they are all huge in stature, enormously good-looking, and giant in their contribution to AIGA New York. (so it says on their site. hilarious)

The auction will close on the evening of May 26th. Your secure bids, in increments of $50, can be phoned in to the Unique New York Auction Hotline, 212 255-1856 where volunteers will record and anonymously post your bid. Phone bidding will be available the evening of the auction, bidders not at the auction can pre-register to stay in the bidding action either by phone, or stating a “not-to-exceed” bid left at headquarters until the gavel falls.

I wish I could buy the above piece by Stephen Doyle, called the Hypertext Book Sculpture. Can’t remember when I last fell in love with a piece of art like this one. #heartbreak

See the entire AIGA auction here. And here’s an interview with Stephen Doyle about his Paper Sculptures.

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  1. I really like the “exploded” book sculptures I’ve seen over the last few months.

    This one in particular is impressive and quite valuable in my opinion because of its connection to the internet.

  2. A framed Glaser print, St.John sculpture, Niemann drawing, and Victore bottle all at $100??? Insane. I’ve seen those things go in the thousands. Even the Paula Scher map at $1750 is a steal. I might bid on the whole lot.