Words we don’t say

Words and phrases that Kurt Andersen found annoying and didn’t want used in New York Magazine during his tenure as editor.

(via Chris Glass)

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  1. Good judgement on Mr. Andersen’s part. Most of those words and phrases ARE annoying.

  2. Bespoke needs to be added to that list. A unique design solution is not an effing suit.

  3. What’s wrong with lifestyle? But I agree with most of the other words on the list.

  4. I LOVE this – most of those are cringey words indeed.
    …might have to create one for our office!

    As a blogger, I actually have a list of things I refuse to say, one being “Swoon”. heehee

  5. I think it’s a high time for you to ad tweet and like buttons under the posts :)

  6. “pictures” (the movies) – I said that to someone the other day and they gave me a strange look, then I realised that I hadn’t used that word (in that context) ever before! It’s something my mum says!

  7. Gift (as a verb) should be on that list

  8. It’s good content management consistent with the voice of the New Yorker but that’s about it.

    An annoying word today may be acceptable kitsch tomorrow. Some words on that list are so bad they’re good.

    Don’t tell me what words I can’t use! Word Nazi! :)

  9. Lifestyle was created in the 60s by the burgeoning marketing industry when referring to different types of people in focus groups. Everything about the word is fucking hideous.

  10. what text editor is this!