There is a 100/10/1 “rule of thumb” with social services. 1% will create content, 10% will engage with it, and 100% will consume it. If only 10% of your users need to log in because 90% just want to consume, then you’ll end up with the vast majority of your users in the logged out camp. Don’t ignore them, build services for them, and you can slowly but surely lead them to more engagement and potentially some day into the logged in camp.

– Fred Wilson

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  1. Great quote. There are lots of services or sites that I’ll log into, but others that I’d sooner not use than log into. Can’t explain it, but it’s the way it is.

    I was thinking about this a bunch today, and then Google Reader Play served me up this article (missed it in my regular Reader feed). Have the internets become aware?

  2. Thanks for that great advice. Makes me think about what I need to do to get my community engaged.