Dear Children of Troy

Found this letter from Dr. Seuss to the children of Troy over at Jack Cheng’s blog. It is a reply from 1971 to Marguerite Hart, the children’s librarian of Jack’s hometown of Troy, Michigan. She wrote to dozens of politicians, writers, artists and otherwise notable individuals asking them to send in a few inspirational words for the children of Troy on the opening of its first public library. See more letters here.

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  1. I love the cat in the hat by Dr. Seuss – but don’t know if his books have been translated…. maybee I try to find out now.

  2. Oddly enough, this past year the residents of Troy, MI decided to close their library instead of raising taxes. The children of Troy will apparently no longer be heeding Dr. Seuss’s sage advice after July 1 of this year.

    Oh the places you won’t go.

  3. This is awesome! What a great record of people and their thoughts, and written to kids, even better…love what that librarian did!