Designy New Forever Stamps

New Forever Stamps from the USPS are dedicated to 12 pioneers of American industrial design. I am seriously excited about these. Here’s where you can buy them.

(via design-milk)

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  1. I cannot believe this! I love love love that they’ve put something else on a forever stamp other than the norm. Awesome.

    //Jenn @ the Creative Agency

  2. I’m actually not at all impressed. Compare these to the stamps which the Royal Mail in the UK issued a while back, featuring 20th-century British design classics:

  3. Hi Swiss Miss:

    Thanks for running an item about these stamps. One of the stamps is dedicated to my grandfather, Peter Muller-Munk, designer of the Normandie Pitcher amongst other objects. I frankly probably don’t know as much about him as I should as I’m a writer, not a designer of any sort. But I am a great admirer of design and a great fan of your blog as well.

    Abby (Tallmer)

  4. Maarten, leave the negativity at home. There is room for multiple stamp collections, especially from different eras and fields. Yes, the ones you cite are awesome, but they’re not the end all, be all.