PIN-UP Magazine and Phillips de Pury & Company recently embarked on an interesting quest – to reinvent the nightstand. Eleven designers submitted ideas and the one above, by Leon Ransmeier, is by far my favorite. See them all over on Shoeboxdwelling.

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  1. It’s smart! I want one for my bedroom! Now! :)

  2. next he’ll have to design a bedside port-a-potty for all the urinating you’ll be doing from drinking water all night. :P

  3. a great, simple DIY! where would one get that nice metal water pump like this one?

  4. Great idea, perfect for hot summer nights…

  5. Horrible!! Depressing look!!

  6. Very interesting idea.. so convenient, and it looks good, too!

  7. Love it! It’d mean I’d never have to refill or switch out my water ever again!

  8. Great choice, love the bedside water idea…I keep a water bottle by the bed now. I also really like theRo/Lu nightstand…could be an end table as well. I wonder if the top cylinder is a night light!!!