Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Talk about putting things into perspective:

(via ZachKlein)

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  1. This was made so much more epic by Gillian Anderson’s voice.

  2. There was an amazing Korean documentary made on this tribe. I suggest everyone to check it out. The DVD has English subs.


  3. wasn’t this found out to be a big hoax? starting with those images from a while back?

  4. (Assuming it’s not entirely a hoax)

    Can we please stop pretending like contact with the modern world is going to be bad for these people? Or at least stop pretending that it’s not inevitable?

    The only reason we have the luxury to film these people with HD cameras from helicopters is BECAUSE we’re a modern civilization. If you think that modernizing cultures is a bad thing, then you can be the first one to reject it all and go live in a cave.

  5. ‘Hoax’ is a terrible term. And being flippant and arrogant about this situation is missing the point completely. Regardless of whether modern society has ever seen this tribe or not, it remains one of the most remote, indigenous and precious. These are people living completely subsistencely in an extremely wild part of the world. Bringing attention to this especially rare tribe should bring wonder, and a hope that we in the modern world can be smart enough to protect this jungle for whoever inhabits it.

  6. it’s kind of long, but just to make things clear:

    1.they’ve been monitoring tribes like this in brazil since the 80s.
    2. these tribes already had contact with our model of civilization, but kept their own model to themselves (think about hippie communities, it’s the same ‘scheme’).
    3. they attack transpassers as we would attack burglars (the old man in that video had been shot once with an arrow in the face when he tried to make an approach)
    all of this according to: http://www.estadao.com.br/estadaodehoje/20080530/not_imp180735,0.php

    this subject is getting off the tracks when people imagine they never had had contact with any kind of society but their own (or that this contact would be a bad thing). they have agriculture and cotton made fabrics, come on.
    in fact, this exact year another photograph took some pictures of them, look what this little boy is holding:

    finally, it’s not a hoax that an isolated tribe is living in the jungle, but it’s quite not right to say they’re an uncontacted tribe. perspectives can be dangerous when business interests mask things up.

  7. It does bring wonder. I wonder where they got the metal blades for their spears they use to hunt. Metal trees? Or maybe they have a blacksmithing forge in one of those huts.

    Whether it’s for a “good cause” or not, this is just another form of marketing designed to draw out a disingenuous emotional response based on sugar coated truthiness.