Vintage Radio

I have just fallen in love with this vintage red radio over on Krrb.

(by posting it I feel like I own it a bit. #postingisthenewbuying)

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  1. That is an awesome piece of technology.

  2. This is amazing! Love the vintage look.

  3. I remember buying it new. Scary.

  4. I’m a little late to this. Nonetheless…

    The radio is lovely, but it’s Tina’s parenthetical statement that sparked racing thoughts in me.

    As an artist and curator constantly working out the line (does it exist?) between the two, I see truth in this statement, and a parallel to other cultural realms.

    Curating, claiming, or discovering has acquired the same purchase, the same capacity for status-assignation, as buying. Blogging, by laying claim or announcing discovery or desire, is the current way to define and display your taste. Posting is indeed the new buying, because, virtually, claim functions similarly to ownership in real life. There is here a connection to art curating and art making, and the shifting of significance between the two functions. Making a thing does not necessarily supply more distinction than curating it; nor does owning a thing than claiming it. The two scenarios are highly parallel. Making and owning require means that fall along a spectrum of exclusivity. Curating and claiming are somewhat more democratic on that spectrum. On platforms that are somewhat democratically available, those claims can now be announced to a wide audience. You may walk down a busy city street in your brand new shoes, or you may post about shoes you love, letting a broad public know about the quality of your taste in shoes, thereby identifying and specifying yourself, effectively establishing a stature, without spending or consuming. Posting (or, more broadly, presenting) has purchase.