How to get the new Gmail Theme

I can’t say enough how excited I am about the looming Gmail interface overhaul. Google explains that Gmail will get a face lift over the next few months, but it’s unclear when the changes will go into effect. Until then, you can start using it with this trick:

First, sign in to Gmail and head to Mail settings. Next, go to the “Themes” tab and you’ll see a two new themes, “Preview” and “Preview (dense).” Select one, and your inbox will be instantly graced with a cleaner, more mininal look.

Who knows, I might actually start using the Gmail interface and no longer go through an email client. Seems like the changes are fully compatible with my swissmiss (black/white/red/gray) color scheme. YAY!

(via Cnet / via Erica)

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  1. ha! great! refreshing

  2. You can access the new interface under mail settings -> themes -> Preview (dense).

  3. That’s a relief. Thanks!

  4. Google Calendar has also made the change.

    Look forward to seeing the move happens on the main Google page.

  5. It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I just LOVE the new clean and simple theme.

  7. Oh wow, you read my mind – thank you so much!

  8. Yes! I didn’t use Gmail on the web app, because the look were so disgusting to me!
    Now… what a difference! Although I think I still prefer the MacOS app Mail, but who knows….

  9. brava Tina brava Tina brava Tina
    Sempre sempre sempre yeah!

  10. Still doesn’t work for Apps users (at least for me, sometimes Google released features on a rolling basis). Really excited for the changes, too. Seems like they paid attention to Khoi’s post about message padding in the inbox.

  11. I guess you should use Gmail interface. Now it’s visually pleasing as you mentioned but there are no. of good features in Gmail Lab which email clients may not offer.

    Email clients specially Mac Mail sucks, however outlooks is pretty useful.

  12. Once you learn to love the gmail web interface :-) I recommend to make it feel like a desktop app.

  13. I guess now we don’t have to cheat and use Helvetimail! I think this may even look better . . .

  14. I hate to say it, but I’m not a fan. The colour are great, but the whole thing is far too CHUNKY which means you can fit far less on the page.

    Also the extra large search banner at the top and the ads banner at the bottom reduce the space even further. The result is that, even though it has more white space than before it actually feels more cluttered.

  15. Matt, I use google apps with my swissmiss email and it works for me.

  16. I am with Matt, I can’t seem to access the theme in Google Apps for my calender or mail interface. In fact, in my mail settings, I can’t seem to find anything relating to themes. Strange.

  17. Nice and swiss! Already using it, thank you!

  18. I’m surprised that so many folks are digging this redesign. It is indeed cleaner and prettier, no bones about it, but it comes with a high price in terms of lost resolution. Using my personal setup, I can see 29 emails under the older default designs, and only 21 using this one, even in “Preview (Dense).” This is a 27% loss in fidelity, which is severe. I stopped using it after about a day.

  19. I’ve also been using it for a few days with my Apps account at work. It’s not 100% integrated in Apps, since I still see the old header bar.

    Overall it’s a lot nicer and cleaner. I just wish the “Search Mail” and “Mail” buttons weren’t so strong visually. Especially the big red block created by the “Search” button keeps pulling my eyes over unnecessarily.

  20. My Apps account doesn’t have the new theme yet either, but it usually takes some time to trickle out changes like this across all accounts.

    I believe it took a few days to get Priority Inbox provisioned for my Apps account.

  21. this really sucks…only an moron like you can like all that leading

  22. +1 for Mikes comment… it looks nice but for my gusteau it has too much whitespace. i have it active at my private gmail account but until now i don’t get the same feel of “control” which i have with the standard template.

    less whitespace and it will be a winner!

  23. Love it, thanks for the tip!

  24. I just checked my settings again now, and I was able to switch to the new Gmail and Calendar interface. I selected the dense view because regular is way too much leading for me.

  25. love the new look, so clean. thanks for the tip, Tina!

  26. I find the new theme ugly and clunky. Yes, it’s simpler, but not that good looking. In small screens, it gets even worse because the elements are a bit too big.

  27. I love how google is constantly improving it’s ui.

  28. I agree… I started using it when it came out and love it!

  29. Amazing! Thanks for the tip.

  30. I don’t care for the new theme as much, but I am enjoying Google+. Overall I think the overhaul Google is doing with everything is pretty good.

  31. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai

  32. guys can any one tell how cn we add colours to the new themes ???

  33. i don’t belive it change this theme do not change


  35. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :Q