New Tattly Designs

The last two weeks have been quite a ride. I can’t say I was prepared for the warm welcome I received for our Designy Temporary Tattoo idea. The blogsphere has been very generous with Team Tattly! Thank you all for your tweets and posts! Check out our latest additions, which we just launched: Bezier Girl, by Jessica Hische, Rainbow, by Jessi Arrington, Kitchen Utensils, by Julia Rothman and What to Focus On, by Marc Johns.

If you want to be part of the Cool Kids Club, you should buy our new multipack.

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  1. Marc Johns’ What To Focus On! Ooooooh, now I really will have to buy some temporary tattoos!

  2. Tattly is our new obsession here at the Thinkso office. Instead of going facing the needle (we’re all wimps, anyway), we are going to cover our arms with rainbows, Pantone swatches, and robots. WIN.

    We’re dying to design one like our Thinkso cloud logo. How do we go about that?

  3. These look great! Now I’ve got my mind running for ideas of these temporary tattoos….