Plic, Ploc, Wiz App

I just discovered this adorable looking app called Plic Ploc Wiz and will most definitely download it tonight when I get home. It allows your kids to arrange and play with shapes. We shall see if Ella (5/yo) approves!

(via bloesem kids)

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  1. 28 year old Ella approves. Cute, creative & educational. What’s not to love? Well…my lack of iPad does pose a small problem…

  2. This app is very sneaky, its appears to be be free but you need to buy pictures to use it which are pretty much a one hit use, my 4 year old was bored after the first go. So not actually great value or very interesting for kids. Just a colouring book.


  3. no no, its great.
    i just tried it (23 year-old design student and still having much fun with this.)
    and you can do it also vise versa, and make your own pictures its just a bit tricky to get there.
    it really much reminds me of those paper things we had in kindergarden, you had to lick them and then they would stick on paper in all different colours and shapes… does anybody remember them? like stamps but in colour and shape. i couldn’t find them on the internet…
    i would love to have some fun app like this for first step interaction prototyping.. colourful and drag and drop…

  4. Anyone else having problems with the app freezing/crashing the moment you want to design yourself or mail? My kid (1 week away from 3) LOVES it, wants to make the puzzles over and over again, cheering along with the cheers, but I am SO curious what he’ll make all by himself ;)