Swissmiss on The Brander

I am incredibly honored to be featured on The Brander, a fine Swiss online journal that features stories about brands and their creators, generated by renowned journalists and photographers. The independent publication is the creation of Zurich’s branding agency Branders and aims to portray big, small und exclusive brands from all over the world.

A big thank you to Roman Elsener for the article, Stefan Falke for the photography and Tessa Pfenninger for the translation.

Here’s the link to my feature: Tina Roth Eisenberg – a modern Swiss Miss

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  1. Yippyayyeah! – Congrats – Well Deserved!

  2. Awesome! I love that they HAD to include the reference to the Hot Chocolate purveyors, Swiss Miss. Congrats on the feature — it’s well deserved!

  3. Well done.

  4. Toller Artikel, herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  5. Urlässig, wie wir Schweizer sagen ;)

  6. I still wonder, what do you do in your life, beside this blog

  7. Leslie, I used to have clients and design websites and applications for them. (I am a trained Graphic Designer) I was able to not take on client work for a while and and am focusing on creating my own products/apps/services (i.e Also I am expanding CreativeMornings ( and am just about to launch a temporary tattoo shop called Tattly. (

  8. I like how you completely hijacked the name and made it stand for all things awesome. This piece is well deserved. Congrats! x

  9. Yay congratulations! You should totally submit the second picture to

  10. Tina, Love your blog and your work space. Have you ever done a post about the layout of your space? i.e. do you have any private space or is it all open? Also, I love all of the chairs, where did you get them from?

  11. Thank you Joel. We do have a conference room (which is still waiting to get a door, though) and we have a phone booth for private conversations. The chairs are from Herman Miller.

  12. Herrjeh. Dass der Blick so großartig ist, ist mir bisher -aus welchen Gründen auch immer- entgangen. Ich muss bei dir arbeiten.

  13. It is so awkward Tina in the second image, is pretending to hovering a designer like an art director…

  14. Tina, that last picture of you is simply stunning. You glow!

  15. Wow, this office view is to die for. Need any Interior designer in your team? :)

  16. Congratulations – how wonderful – and well deserved!

  17. Nice color coordination with the upside-down child!

    Very Swissmiss! ;)

  18. the brooklyn bridge shot is just lovely. that view would make me so productive!