Take A Letter

Love this Take A Letter toy that let’s you teach letters in 3D!

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  1. i’m fairly certain my daughter learned the alphabet at 17 months on her own with this amazing puzzle. one of the best toys we’ve gotten for her.

  2. We have a similar puzzle that we have turned into another game. I hide the letters around the living room and then put the board on the floor near my feet while I clean up kitchen. Child runs around and finds letters to fill up the board. Works great because he feels like we are playing together, but really I am not playing.

  3. @rookiemom whitney: “but really i am not playing”. LOL and brilliant! :P

  4. I certainly agree that this toy really clicks with kids.
    However, for about half the price, I found a vintage Fisher Price schoolhouse at an antique mall featuring almost the exact same letter board (magnetic), along with playground equipment and student/teacher figures (with desks). I found that it really helped prepare our kids for their first experiences with school and their classrooms.

    Here is a link to a picture of the set: