The End of Client Services

“The most critical time for designers to be involved in a digital product is all the time, but it’s perhaps most important for them to stick around after the launch, when they can see how a real user base is using it, and then amend, refine, revise and evolve it. But it’s at just about this time that most studios are preparing invoices and shuffling their staff on to other clients’ projects.” – Khoi Vinh

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  1. I also thought this quote was super interesting:

    Design is playing a key part in the success of Tumblr, Instagram, Flipboard, Groupon, Kickstarter and many, many others. These are the great new design companies, not the studios and agencies you read about in the design press.

    Make’s me really think the next 5 years.

  2. This quote echoes one of the core messages (and criticisms of architecture) in Stewart Brand’s “How Buildings Learn.” Highly recommended for anyone who designs for use!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Like any product, the time following the sale is the most important. I actually get annoyed if there is no follow up. This is the time that a designer can really stand out to the customer and to their clients. Follow up offers the biggest opportunity there is to create a really good product.