The internet kills all middlemen.

Here’s an excellent post by Ben Pieratt, force behind on why you should join a startup.

“The internet, at this time in history, is the greatest client assignment of all time. The Western world is porting itself over to the web in mind and deed and is looking to make itself comfortable and productive. It’s every person in the world, connected to every other person in the world, and no one fully understands how to make best use of this new reality because no one has seen anything like it before. The internet wants to hire you to build stuff for it because its trying to figure out what it can do. It’s offering you a blank check and asking you to come up with something fascinating and useful that it can embrace en masse, to the benefit of everyone.” – Ben Pieratt

(Thank you Sonali)

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  1. It’s so funny because my friend and I just had a two hour, in depth conversation about this before I came to my computer and saw your post!
    It’s so true. The internet seems so vast and yet it seems like there’s nothing else to be invented. This is just the beginning. An alternate world of endless opportunities awaits. It’s like embarking to the Americas for a better life– this time the world awaits on your desk… or in the palm of your hand.

  2. How true is this!!!
    I had a long conversation with a friend a short time ago. I emphasized the possibilities that such an exposition to the whole world could bring, she was afraid of the massive and continuous strive for competition instead…

  3. There is a blog called “The Russians Used a Pencil” which provides an excellent how to about creating and selling a product on the Internet. Fascinating stuff.

  4. Internet is immense! There are so many more options for individuals than 4-Hours Work Week and other lifestyle design concept. “Sky is the limit” overworn but it relates to the potential of the Internet, espeically for open-minded and creative people.

  5. @Greg I just checked The Russians Used a Pencil site. It’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Most designers (imho) have been indoctrinated with the mindset that our talents are best applied toward solving someone else’s problems. It’s the foundation of Bauhausian industrial-age design education.

    The realization that we have a pretty valuable thinking process that we can use to enrich ourselves first and foremost is a 2001 gorilla discovering the bone-as-tool moment, in my mind.

    Sorry it’s a weird reference, but it’s the best I could do :)

  7. Thanks for the post, Tina, glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Irony is that is a middleman. Like good editors, middlemen have their use.

  9. Greg: Re: “foremost is a 2001 gorilla discovering the bone-as-tool moment.” I’m the 2000 pound 2001 gorilla, and I have a bone to pick with you. (Oops, sorry. Woke up silly today.)