Magazine Stack Stool

This Magazine Stack Stool by Sut Kutusu is totally clever and made me smile.

(thank you Marc)

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  1. For readers from europe: The Magazine Stack Stool aka Hockenheimer from njustudio is now available at!

  2. You mean I can actually transform the piles of mags lurking behind my arm chair into furniture? Brilliant! (Wonder if this would work with the contents of my in box.)

  3. This creates a really awesome look and eliminates a lot of clutter! Put those old magazines to use :)

  4. This is super, although I’m one for re-reading a lot of my magazines – it could be a case of having to dismantle the furniture a fair few times each month!

  5. I think I would rather just admit I have a stack of magazines then look at that thing all day. Or here is a better idea, recycle your magazines, give them to someone else to read, or donate them to local offices who are always needing updated reading material. Just a thought!

  6. I have also seen this idea explored using records. Very cool.

  7. AAAHHH :) que maravilla!! sencillo y práctico para los que amamos nuestras revistas. Me voy a hacer un par de estos lo antes posible. ¡¡¡felicitaciones!!!

  8. I love this I have a ton of magazines that for something totally unreasonable I can’t bring myself to get rid of now I have something productive to do with them and it leaves them accessible if I need an article out of one.

    Thanks so much, can’t wait to get started!!

  9. I think this is a great way for keeping old magazines which are not read anymore, but too good to be recycled. And it makes it look very good!