NYC Evacuation Zones

G thinks is pro-actively thinking about how to prepare best for the approaching hurricane. I am a bit more optimistic (or is this called ‘denial’?). I am mostly wondering if we have enough wine in the apartment.

Anyhow, do you live in the NYC area? The above map might help you prepare for approaching Hurrican Irene. (you can zoom in an out!)

Update: Looks I really need to stock up on wine tomorrow. Just read this NewYorkTimes article about how NYC is preparing for Irene.

(via @davedawson)

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  1. Thanks. My emergency kit also consists mostly of beer… Boring weekend possibly in the dark…

  2. Great website to help with evac.

    Ugg…sorry, the “I ain’t doin’ nothin'” emergency plan is probably the most hated of emergency responders for weather emergencies.

    Promise yourself (and the responders) to donate a healthy sum of money, cookies, and/or volunteer time to the responders if they come to your rescue…

    Something tells me a lot of NYCers are going to learn something about Momma Nature like never before with Hurricane Irene…
    excerpt from an ISS crewmember/astronaut:
    At one point a member of the crew reacted to the sheer size of this storm by saying “We are used to travelling long distances – but this storm stretches from Cuba to Carolinas — this is a huge scary storm”.

    Be well,
    Vol. Firefighter ’02-’07

  3. ooohhhhh – nice! live (?) map of hurricane path on Google maps.

  4. I just happened to be visiting my friend in Brooklyn this weekend. My flight back to Atlanta is canceled. Is StudioMates in the evac zone? If it’s open on Monday, may stop by for some coworking!

    Don’t worry, we’ve stocked up on wine.

    Amy Ellis
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