Swissmiss Studio Apprentice Wanted

Calling all NYC based interneters, I am searching for a great person to help on Swissmiss Studio projects. The day-to-day duties would mostly involve Tattly order liaising (fulfillment). There will also be opportunities to help out with CreativeMornings as well as a super-secret unannounced project.

The number one skill required is pure hustle. We need someone who gets up every morning excited to do stuff, lots of stuff. We also really want to find someone who likes what we are doing with Tattly and CreativeMornings. We don’t want to just hire someone to do work, we want to add a member to our team.

If you are a talented coder, designer, or hula-hooper that is an added bonus. But keep in mind this is not a design job. This is a get your feet wet in the world of the internet kind of job. A great place for anyone who just loves what we do and wants to make the internet a better place.

The job is a full-time gig for 3 months and is paid. Our apprentice will work out of the wonderful Studiomates co-working space here in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The right person will be more interested in the daily happenings here at Studiomates than they will be in the pay. Where else will you be able to eat lunch with a group of folks who have given a TED talk, raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, organized the most friendly web conference in the universe, been crowned an air guitar champion, and more. P.S., that doesn’t include the world renowned guests that visit us from time to time.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, please get in touch. We want you to be excited and we want to start this soon! Email us at [email protected] to apply. Start date is September 5th.

Bonus points if you:
Are a beast at Rock Band
Put hashtags within your emails
Own more domains than you do pairs of underwear
Use TeuxDeux like there’s no teuxmorrow
Like writing on walls
Ok with wearing more than 15 temporary tattoos at once

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  1. Is that Sam Rosen as in Sam Buck Rosen?

  2. Wow this would be my dream internship!
    Too bad I live in #Mexico

  3. this sounds super cool :) unfortunately, I am stuck with a dual study program here in Berlin, otherwise I would SO apply, like right now!!

    Cheers from an 8 hour flight plane away,

  4. Sometimes I wish we all lived in NYC.

  5. I am with Silver Sova :( And hey thanks for the mention in the Mike Dempsey’s business rules post!

  6. I will also agree with Silver :-\

  7. *sigh* And of course I live right near NYC and but I’m not able to take a chance at it either… I wish I was reading this a year ago, I would have jumped head first into this opportunity! Good luck finding your new teammate!

  8. Best place to work ever. Really.

  9. There needs to be more internships like this! Too bad I’m typing this from Australia! :(

  10. I´d jump to the sea right now and start swimming all the way up from Argentina…

    good luck


  11. I too, wish that I still lived in the city. #sadface
    Every work space on the planet should look like yours.

  12. Too bad I live in Switzerland… I’d definitely apply :(

  13. I would drive through the night with only the personal belongings I could fit in my car, sell the car, and figure out the work visa paperwork later for this job.

  14. Matthew, you really should read the text before posting such links. The call explicitly states, and I quote: “The job is a full-time gig for 3 months and is paid.”

  15. Sorry Silver, my ;-) wasn’t at all clear.

    I very clearly read ‘paid’ but also ‘…more interested in the daily happenings here at Studiomates than they will be in the pay’ alongside a distinct lack of what the pay actually is.

  16. Why cant This Dumbo office job be right here, downtown Tel-Aviv…
    Ufff… :((

  17. My brother, Romeo Lacandola, just applied. He’s so stoked.

  18. this is the best job ad I have seen a long, long time !