The Market Bag by Linus

The Market Bag by Linus is beautiful and functional. Perfect for the market or a sleep over, carry it in with a shoulder strap, or roll up the sides when not in use. #wishlisted

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  1. I’m so in love with this! Also, the Mixte 3… *sigh* (dreamy eyes)

  2. I love it, simple etc.. I’m just worried that people would steal it from my bike since its absolutely perfect.

  3. Really nice, I like it!

  4. This photo triggers so many things… wow, nice, bag, actually, nice bikes, three gears, easy maintenance, would love to go to the market with one of these… argh, friggen North American car oriented society, gotta move back to Germany or Switzerland … I’m dreaming.

  5. Such an awesome look & idea!

  6. Johan, I think you can remove it easily. The first photo of the navy bag shows it rolled up with a shoulder strap. Obviously, it’s not always convenient to bring a bag with you, especially if it’s full, but at least there is an option.

    The description also says it includes a lock, so maybe you can lock it to your rack.

  7. I just bought a Linus Mixte 3 and she’s a total dream! I trust in anything Linus does. This bag is certainly next on the list of accessories for my bike!