TYPO London

Do you live somewhat close to London? Then you should consider attending TYPO London, a broad inter-disciplinary design conference for professionals and students, based on the hugely influential TYPO Berlin Conference.

I was invited to speak and am heartbroken that I can’t go. The speaker line up is fantastic and the organizers are wonderful people. You should get your ticket before august 31st if you’re thinking about going, cause that’s when the discounted price ends.

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  1. I’m wondering if it’s worth driving 250 miles.

  2. Or indeed paying £550.
    That’s more than a month’s rent for christ’s sake!

  3. I guess its for the rich.

  4. I wish the ticket was cheaper! It’s 550 Sterling,converted to Pakistani rupees is… Rs 74,250 approximate the average salary of an Art Director. I wish. Maybe when i’m super rich.