I know, I am late with posting this one, but I am absolutely loving this stunning stop-motion advertising directed by Johnny Kelly for Chipotle. Check out the making of photos.

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  1. It’s a beautiful and sad video. I honestly wish this was a promoting vegetarianism rather then Chipotle. It almost makes it seem like Chipotle is saving these animals lives, but leaves out the crucial part where they get killed. And these stop motion pigs are just too cute to eat.

    Sorry to be such a downer.

  2. Real pretty video, unfortunately for a meat producer. After reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book: ” Eating Animals” I know no meat factory, however good it’s intentions, can produce animal friendly, sustainable meat. This video is a dream and an utopia.

  3. As someone who eats meat, I have no illusions about where it comes from. At the end of the day, another creature has died to feed me. That is true on an industrialized killing floor, or on a farm. You can’t make that pretty.

    I feel the message here is that we can still have empathy towards these animals while they live. Just because the fate of livestock is predetermined doesn’t mean they can’t lead a happy life. Instead of being caged, improperly treated, over fed, etc… we can treat other animals humanly.

    Anyway – the animation itself is beautiful, and paired with the song I think it’s very effective and well done.

  4. Beautiful animation.
    If you have issues with how animals are treated in “factory” farms, you have few choices, giving up meat is one, but at the same time, you could be shopping at grocery stores and restaurants that support farmers who are raising their livestock in either organically or humane manors. If you just did a little google-fo, you could easily find out how Chipotle is going above and beyond USDA regulations for organically raised livestock.

  5. Thinkso partner, Brett Traylor, is a big Chipotle fan. For this reason and for the reason that they make a pretty solid burrito! Eating meat isn’t a crime; however, meat eaters have choices. Our meat eating staff always tries to choose vendors that take pride in where their resources come from. Great post, swissmiss. Thanks!

  6. I can’t say it better than Marc! I always get a veggie burrito cuz I just really don’t like meat, but am not down on those who do. I love companies that try to actually get us grass fed anything instead of corn fed as my family eats a lot of meat. (except me) I feel good knowing if we are eating out, it’s at least coming from a good source. And I know Chipotle isn’t faking it- they actually care from all the other info we have looked up.

    I love Willie and love this song and the animation was beautiful! Thanks Chipotle for being awesome! Sorry for those who don’t agree.

    It gave me chills.

  7. with apologies to vegetarians, but chipotle burritos seriously rock and it’s because they are fresh and go above and beyond to provide the best meat.

    you can taste it. no gut bombs like taco bell’s “food”.

  8. Apologies if my comment came off as intolerant of meat eaters. I applaud Chipotle for their efforts and those who do their best to source humanely treated animals. Vegetarianism is not for everyone. And I fully believe everyone has to make their own choice. To be honest, the video gave me a giant lump in my throat. Anything that helps the better treatment of animals is a step in the right direction.

  9. So weird that this morning I was reading sad details about factory farming in “Eating Animals” and within 2 hours of it I see all facts in motion.
    The best few seconds are from 1:34 to 1:42 when every thing goes back to “natural” and there is no one carrying a box of meat to a truck taking it away.

  10. Hey Craig – no worries, no offense taken. We’re not dinosaurs – both herbivores and omnivores can co-exist in peace. :)

  11. I LOVE ANIMALS. They are delicious.

  12. I love animals too. They are awesome unlike humans.

  13. nice video to bad it’s a lie

  14. smashing the pigs into squares was a bad choice.

  15. Oh how sad! Cute animation, and it just reinforces why I don’t want to eat meat at all.

  16. I’m consistently disturbed by advertising that uses cute-ized animals to sell their own consumption. It just freaks me out.

    The video is awesome, I love the animation, the style, but the message is mixed for me (as a vegetarian). I obviously support better lives for animals, but seeing this makes me glad I’m a vegetarian. I’d also like more concrete evidence of what Chipotle is doing in this regard. The also fail to offer a tofu substitute for meat. They should go try a BoLoCo (a local boston burrito chain) and then get back to me. Even sans tofu, Boloco crushes Chipotle.

  17. Those pigs looked delicious.