Ear iPhone Cases

These Ear iPhone Cases made me smile.

(thank you Debbie)

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  1. crazy.. no eared elf?

  2. Brilliant! Hope they ship to New Zealand!

  3. Creative idea, only human ears ?

  4. Looks horrible :O

    Reminds me of cheap vegetable themed cutting boards.

  5. @onemoment: we have that planned for a Holiday edition! Shhh.

  6. Such a great and creative idea! Love these

  7. These kinda creep me out.

  8. An artist in New York came up with this concept earlier this year, and was really excited to get it manufactured:


    Looks like someone did a great job stealing an idea.

  9. @Stephen: I assure you that it’s an unfortunate coincidence. No stealing involved. The EARonics have been in the works since last fall, originally as an art school project.

  10. hi tina! my friend here at RISD designed these. she’s only a freshman, going into industrial design, and already they’re being sold at urban outfitters and a bunch of other stores.