This H-57 Rocket USB stick made me chuckle. Wouldn’t mind having it sit on my desk. Not at all.

UPDATE: I feel horrible about posting this, bad taste in hindsight. My apologies to anyone I might have offended with this post.

(thank you Bekka)

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  1. I dunno TRE, being a peaceful, non-bomb kinda dude….I find this a bit abhorrent. Cute, non withstanding..

  2. I want one!

  3. Friday Christman,

    Think of it as a rocket a la Hergé’s “Destination Moon” (Adventures of Tintin) and it may please more.

  4. I lived in Japan. The shape and meaning of this USB, and the illustration on the package are far from cute.
    This is nothing mote than a useless and banal object that the world doesn’t need.

  5. I feel horrible about posting this, bad taste in hindsight. My apologies to anyone I might have offended with this post.

  6. Your posts are really good usually.
    Thank you for apologizing.

  7. We are all human, it happens! I still love your posts!!!

  8. I don’t think there’s anything inherently insensitive or offensive about the shape of this USB drive.

  9. maybe now you will finally stop calling me “da bomb”

  10. Was more surprised than offended, this, from the mind behind the rainbow parade. ; )

    Love your site, makes me wish I were back in NY so I could work at DUMBO w/y’all.

  11. Oh poo on the gentle spirits who were offended. I like it too!

  12. Some people need to learn to stop worrying and love the bomb.

  13. This is offensive? Have you been on the internet long?

  14. I hope you don’t stop ever posting a post like this. there’s much human effort in making the thing that’s encapsulated in one word “bomb”, but the rocket, the electrical circuitry and everything else that directly or indirectly improved other engineering and sciences is more profound than any of these critics here can understand. To the critics here, if your loved ones are sick and dying and only be fixed with, say, a PET scan thence a diagnosis, then I hope the this bomb was never invented and the PET scan’s invention pushed back just enough for your loved ones to die:)

    author, are you never going to make a post of knives, either? If my guess isn’t off, knives killed a million times more people in recorded history than the USB shape representation of a bomb.

    Don’t let these zombies make you feel bad. You should feel great about this post. Who said this: I don’t know the way to success, but the quickest way to failure is to try to please everyone. Let these so called pacifist leave. This is the web, no one forces anyone to read anything.

    For that, I am going to double up my order of foie gras this Christmas.

  15. Of course stones, bullets and other things have killed thousands of people more than little boy and fat boy bombs through thousands of years of human history. But with your point of view, you are just confirming the arrogant and one sided view of the world that some people in the West have. And because of this view (like your opinion above) many people in the East doesn’t really like American foreign policy. That’s why people is calling America the New Rome.
    Good luck.

  16. Why is there a problem with this? If you feel offended by someone characterizing a bomb to be cute or fun, then you would do best to remove yourself from the internet before you encounter something actually offensive.

    That aside, I thought that the packaging and art was really what made it cool. It has that old style to it, but at the same time it has that modern clean look.

  17. I think everyone is free to post whatever. I myself find this object very kitsch; bomb or not.

  18. Some people really need to chill out. it’s a usb drive not a weapon of mass destruction. Jeezes.

  19. @NG
    The Japanese attacked the US you moron hating bigot.
    There were a total of 2403 American casualties, including 68 civilians.

  20. Chill out!
    No one would like to see a toy that reminded you of 9.11?… do you?

  21. I suppose I wouldn’t, Amuar, but this reminds me of Dr Strangelove and old Bugs Bunny/Marvin Martian cartoons and not WW2.

  22. If your offended by this post then turn off you TV, unplug the internet, don’t buy that newspaper and go live under a rock. There is a lot of terrible things in this world and a USB key shaped like a rocket isn’t one of them.

  23. It’s a matter of perception, whether one think of it as toy, kitschy, bomb, rocket, war, usb key, plastic etc…
    Not taking it seriously, I chose to think based of its function – a usb key.

  24. wouldn’t mind having one. curious to know how many they actually made. It was created a while ago.