I think I might just have found my new calling: Rugs.

Sydney based graphic designer Linus Dean said goodbye to his traditional graphic design job and started a rug business. And as come to expect, his rugs are type driven, bold and minimal. They make me swoon.

Linus is currently in Nepal trying to get a good understanding of the rug business and to build some new business relationships with manufacturers. Oh-so-exciting!

Linus gets my two thumbs up. I can’t decided which one is my favorite. I want them all.

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  1. Nice find! I haven’t seen rugs like this anywhere. The graphic designer turned rug designer definitely works in his favour. Gorgeous! x

  2. I’ve been following Linus’ progress for a while with his rug designs. Awesome work!!

  3. I do like much thicker rugs, but the designs for these are very nice indeed.