PSFK: Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia is a designer and entrepreneur who co-founded Airbnb, a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique spaces around the world. In this inspiring PSFK Conference talk he shares the process and story behind Airbnb.

(via @brainpicker)

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  1. WoW! Thank you for re-inspiring me. What a great reminder how innovation and persistence make all the difference. Best wishes for continued success! Wondering if any love connections have been made? :)

  2. I wouldn’t go around promoting them. They’re really sleazy – both in startup tactics and how they handle problems people have when they swap. Just google ‘airbnb’ scam.

  3. Well, I was fascinated with this concept until I did a little homework and read some articles questioning their business practices.

  4. Yeah, gawker is *the* trusted source for journalism. Why not just stick to the national inquirer for accurate news sources?

  5. @Kingsley: You’re welcome. There has been at least one marriage between a guest and host who met on Airbnb :)
    @Moffle: I’m sorry you feel this way. There’s quite a bit of mis-information out there.
    @Patricia: Same as above.
    @Samantha: No comment.

    Keep posting great content, Tina!

  6. This is a great concept.

  7. Businesses make mistakes, I guess. You know, just like people do. It seems like they are taking steps to improve.

  8. Story “Airbnb: Where Homeowners And Travelers Connect” by National Public Radio:

  9. i’ve used airbnb and had lovely experiences, i recommend it and couchsurfing for budget travelers. basically, if you’re not a jerk and you’re not naive, it works :) nice post!