The Camera Day Pack

In april of 2010 I asked my readers about camera bag recommendations. That post sure showed I have photo enthusiastic readers; there are currently 113 comments on that post. Just to confuse things even more, PhotoJojo just added the Camera Day Pack to their store. Looks nice, now, can I have that in felt or leather, please?

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  1. Nice camera bag, looks super light and doesnt even look like a camera bag from the outside.

  2. Very nice. I have a Crumpler which I love, but it’s a bit rough on my clothes (carrying it without wearing a jacket means my pullovers and cardigans get bobbles).

    This one looks just right in that respect. But I definitely agree… felt or leather please!

    Grüässli us Züri :-)

  3. I got a Crumpler for my 7D as well. And the name of the bags are cool. :-)

  4. Have you checked out ONA bags? They have some great leather options.