The Office (1969)

In this compilation of BBC clips from 1969, James Burke experiences the automated office of the future and what it might mean for the evolution of work culture:

“The great thing about machines is that they do what they’re told. They leave you to get on with it. Never late, they’re obedient, they’re never sick, they never disturb you or argue or paint their nails or talk or smile at you or say ‘good morning’ or keep you company. They just leave you alone.”

Found in this fantastic post over on Brain Pickings titled Today Yesterday: 5 Vintage Visions for the Future of Technology.

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  1. *sigh* if only this were true…

  2. I totally love Burke. His Connections series is a must see for all who really want to understand the phenomenology of mans accomplishments.

  3. Ha, funny that the “typing pool” still exists in the future.