CreativeMornings = 3

What started as a humble 50-person event at Studiomates in 2009 has grown into a 17-chapter global adventure. When I first launched CreativeMornings people laughed and said no one will show up. Too early for New Yorkers. Well, I proved you wrong! We now average 250 creative folks that attend CreativeMornings/NewYork at 8.30am, one friday a month.

A big thank you goes out to my *amazing*, hardworking hosts and their team. You have to understand, everyone is working on volunteer basis. Impressive and humbling to say the least. CreativeMornings started as a reaction to the expensive and time-demanding conference world. I knew there had to be something more accessible and nimble. An event you could simply go to before heading to work. An event, that let’s you connect with people in your community. That’s what CreativeMornings stands for.

Would you like to watch a selection of our talks? Head over to Vimeo where we created a ‘best of’ channel.

But for now, for the month of October, party along with us and tell us what we should do next! Do you have ideas for a speaker, host, venue or just simply a suggestion on how we should celebrate? Let us know!

A big giant thank you to my team Yoko and Kevin for building the birthday site!

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  1. Congratulations, Tina! #CreativeMornings rock!

  2. Congratulations! Love the celebratory site. Fun logo hover.