Peas USB Hub

Now this is a USB Hub I wouldn’t mind having on my desk. Not at all.

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  1. Oh, I had no idea it was a USB-hub. I saw a similar one in my parents bedroom and wondered what it was… thanks!

  2. Lol Hugo!
    I wonder what you thought it was while seeing it in your folks bedroom not knowing its a usb hub…

  3. Yeah, my sister has one of these but the circles are bigger.

  4. I dropped by to see how this comments thread was going. So far so good.

  5. @ Michael, Can I have your sister number pls :D

  6. I didn’t realize you could plug things into those… I thought you just plugged… oh nevermind. :)

  7. The designer must be really anal about his / her products.

  8. is it plug and play???

  9. My blog feels all grown up all of a sudden. First naughty comment thread ever. (ohmy!)

  10. I <3 this comment thread! … interesting product BTW!

  11. I have these plugged into the back port of my asus, they work great.

  12. Uh.. only five? Great product anyway!

  13. Caveat Emptor! Not waterproof! Worst. Product. Evar.

  14. This can’t be right! Why would my flat mate be walking around with a USB Hub up his a*#e?

  15. These look like they’re great for sharing!

  16. Does it come in brown?

  17. I’ve seen this before…Ah that’s right I remember. My flatmate was washing this in the bathroom, he calmed he spilt tea on it.

  18. AMAZING! Do you know where I can buy this? Maybe without the USB ports? It’s just what I’m looking for

  19. Almost bought it this summer, but then at the counter I realized it looks too much like an adult toy, left it at the store.

  20. Fatal flaw: it’s not powered, making it pretty much useless for heavy use for actually using all 5 plugs.

  21. Can I get it in the brown?

  22. I think you can get it in black.

  23. @Bill It’s not so bad. I’ve used one of these before with a lot plugged in and it tends to brown out gracefully.

  24. But it felt great in my hands. My Santa Claus will come by, it is almost Christmas.

  25. I hate earlier comments, they thought the same as I :)

  26. I wish the comment system had a “like” button. some of the comments are naughty but in a creative way.

  27. Clean: Your kids might think it’s The Hungry Caterpillar & nick it for the play room!