LEGO: Life of George

This new LEGO app called Life of George made me look: It combines an interactive iPhone game with real LEGO bricks. Intruiging. And also, George is cute.

(via bblinks)

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  1. Love the idea and the technology is simply amazing but this game would take me to new levels of frustration. I am staying far far away.

  2. Cool!
    Step one: Get kid (optional?)
    Step two: Hours of fun

  3. This app is really cool! i bought it for myself and I love it. It’s actually a little harder than it looks because of the time constraints and the worst is when you’re down to the wire and then have to take a photo for confirmation! But, I really like the game. i think it is good for slightly older children maybe 8 and up. This is the first Toy/app that really takes an innovative step into creative learning and imagination.

  4. at £30 it seems quite pricey for what you actually get….

  5. It’s true, it is $30 for a box of lego bricks and some special cardboard pad that helps you take pictures perfectly and identify the bricks. But, this is Lego. Lego is not known for a good deal, just for creating hours of fun with bricks