Introducing Mixel for iPad from Mixel App on Vimeo.

My friend Khoi Vinh just launched his latest project, it’s called Mixel, an iPad App that lets you make, share and remix collages in a whole new way. Read about it on his site.


UPDATE: Had the chance to play around with the app a bit tonight and I’d like to say just so much: My daughter (5) would go gaga over this app and I’d like to use it with her and let her play with photos she takes, or just photos of us, our family. But I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that my uploads will be visible and free to grab for everyone. I realize that this is their first iteration of Mixel. I hope that Khoi and his team will figure out a way to have private image libraries. Oh the fun that could be had.

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  1. ‘Looks funny but why does Mixel require a Facebook account to login ? ☹

  2. What about copyright issues. This app encourages everyone to grab whatever content they feel like and use it for their own purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Mixel creations end up being used for commercial purposes. As a designer and photographer I wouldn’t want my work randomly be used without my permission.

  3. I think I spotted Khoi in the video!

  4. @Joerg: it varies from country to country. Recalling the Obama Poster episode it maybe copyright infringement here in US.
    Anyway http://canv.as is infringing it everyday but as long as it not for commercial purposes they dont have problems.

  5. I agree that the images should private with the option to go public and not viceversa…I had a terrible experience with socialcam where any video goes online publicly without any alert…terrible

  6. I enjoyed playing with Mixel, but I don’t want my real name on art posted for the search engines to grab. If they allow an alias – I’ll be playing more frequently. I also agree that it should be more clear that your images are basically up for grabs once you post them.