Camera iPhone Case

My new Fred Retro iPhone Camera Case makes me happy. (And my kids smile when I take a photo of them)

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  1. Awesome! And for under $10? Can’t beat that.

  2. Cool!

  3. ha! great idea. i am in the market for a new case, so the timing of your post could be quite serendipitous…

  4. Such a great vintage look for this ever changing device!

  5. The only real downside to the design of this case is that if you take advantage of the new iOS 5 feature of using the volume button as a shutter release, the “camera” will look upside down.

    Otherwise, what a cool case!

  6. Ditto Chris Ferdinandi.

  7. RT John Cooper + Chris Ferdinandi : I suppose one could train oneself to use the thumb positioned at the bottom to click shoot…?