CreativeMornings Video: Ben Chestnut

A few weeks ago I traveled to Atlanta to see Ben Chestnut, co-founder of Mailchimp speak at CreativeMornings/Atlanta. That was the best money I’ve ever spent on an airplane ticket. Ben talked about the history of the company and what he does as a manager to cultivate the infamous Mailchimp culture. If you are running a creative business do yourself a favor and watch the talk!

A little background info: Ben Chestnut is the CEO and co-founder of, one of the most successful e-mail marketing companies around, with over 1.2 million users. They were recently featured in “Fast Company” for their non-traditional corporate culture and creative environment. Ben is one of my all-time personal rolemodels when it comes to running a creative business. Meeting him was my highlight in 2011. (Yes, I am a fan!)

A big giant thank you for the CreativeMornings/Atlanta team, especially Blake Howard, for organizing the morning and Dare Dreamer Media for taping and editing the talk.

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  1. awesome. thank you !!

  2. So funny.
    I have the upmost respect for mailchimp.

    It’s all about empowerment of people and what could be more fun?

  3. great video

  4. Really good presentation.

    mailChimp is an excellent example of a company that essentially provides a fairly boring service (sending e-mails), but has so many clever, creative and innovative components that the end result is very exciting and a joy for customers to use.

  5. Great !!! Do what you love.

  6. Lots of inspiration ! Thanks for sharing.

  7. So glad you shared this. How very true- creative people will be happy when they are able to be creative! Happy to have MailChimp representing Atlanta!

  8. Great entertaining speaker, keep it up!

  9. nice talk. very inspiring.

  10. great! Merry X mas to you, Tina! wishing you wonderful X mas time lots of love and smiles around you

    Frohe Weihnachten!

    liebe Gruesse

  11. Great video, very inspiring.

  12. Such an amazing video! I was intrigued by MailChimp’s company culture but now more impressed after hearing his story.

    I love the idea of “constantly make work” and worry about the outcome later…will definitely be taking that advice to heart!!

  13. Awesome awesome awesome.