Polaboy, a giant lamp-like Polaroid frame, is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a while. I completely want one for Studiomates.

Polaboys are enlarged Polaroids to a scale of 10:1 (to 88x107cm) and backlit. They are 20 mm thick and use energy-saving LED area lights. The frame is wooden and they are made in Germany. Also good to know: The photographs can be changed at any time and you can even send your custom image.

Polaboy: Art by day, Light by Night.


(via bblinks)

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  1. The should be digital and link to Instagram (that would be hot.)

  2. So cool, it’s like a window to whatever scene you like : )

  3. This is so cool and would love one for my place. I can’t find pricing though, which probably means I can’t afford it. Especially if they’re selling through Collette.

  4. Yes, I would like one too. But without a price, it seems like a fail of a website.

  5. Thought that it was beautiful but not price or option for where we can buy one. Wondering what their thoughts were with the website? How can one purchase such an item (and how much do they cost?)?

  6. google price & polaboy… it costs 1700 :))))

  7. I got a price list from the company: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/pricelistdollar.jpg/ – Minimum US$1900 if you want them to print your scan.

  8. Aw, so expensive but so gorgeous.

  9. totally brilliant & unaffordable
    but worth trying to put in my do it yourself list
    thanks for sharing the idea

  10. I thought maybe I was just inept on finding the pricing and ordering options. Thank the heavens for comments, otherwise I would still be second guessing myself and aimlessly wandering around the site. Super lovely. Love!

  11. Prices are much cheaper now. You can get a polaboy with you own photo for less that 700 €.
    polaboy introduces new frame sizes, cable designs and photographers. Besides our standard frame size (L) we can offer the polaboy® now in sizes “M” and “S” as well. All frame sizes are available in PB 70 (SX 70) and PB 100 WIDE (SPEKTRA). Please see our website (www.polaboy.de) for frame sizes, available photos, cable designs, delivery time, costs and everything else.

  12. you can find a much cheaper option on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/129118939