5-year-old Analyzes Logos

Ohio-based identity designer Adam Ladd asked his 5-year-old daughter to comment on some popular logos. Made me smile.

(via Brand New)

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  1. My face hurts I’m smiling so hard.

  2. this is really great and gives a lot of perspective for brand identity work!

  3. toooo freaking cute.

  4. Cute and perceptive kid. :)

  5. Really great. We were just talking about brand identity and logos today at lunch. Will have to show it to my kiddos tonight!

  6. There is nothing more honest than an opinion of child… So innocent and natural.

  7. Cheetah, cheetah, cheetah!

  8. Nothing gets by kids, apparently!

  9. wonder if she could identify the same number of plants and trees in her neighborhood? A much more important and grounding skill… but a very cute video.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Too cute and so interesting from a branding perspective! Thanks for posting

  11. Cute, very cute! And insightful too!

  12. That’s how you realize if a logo was or not succesful. Loved the cheetah part!. Although the background music was a little anoying this clip is awesome.

  13. another gem, thx for sharing.

  14. Loved the video, clever little cookie!

  15. adorable! Brilliant video.

  16. made my day (:

  17. Great experiment. Shows how early brands get into people’s heads. Apple, Macdonalds, BP, Nike, XBox … We’re already clearly in the child’s mind

  18. Haha, cheetah! cheetah! cheetah!

  19. Did she say “This is the Apple store logo…”?!

  20. Gorgeous, great idea and yes: cheetah, cheetah, cheetah!

  21. I think Ryan uses his Xbox too much!

  22. This kid beats focus group analysis, hands down.

  23. Soooo cute and insightful! Give that kiddo a hug and ice cream on me! ;)


  24. This says more about the child’s parents than it does about the child.

  25. A 5-year-old from across the pond responds to brandmarks

  26. Wow! Smart little girl……..but ALSO kinda scary that a coiled THAT young could with FEW exceptions name the Brands correctly just BY THEIR LOGO!! MARKETING’S left an indelible stamp on our young ” buyers/consumers BEFORE they can even start school!! What a society We are!! Any thoughts??