Letterpress Cookie Cutter/Stamp

Graphic designer/typenerd parents rejoice and turn your next cookie baking event into a letterpress lesson with these Letterpress Cookie Cutter/Stamps.

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  1. These look like a lot of fun! I’m sure equally interesting for those typography obsessed parents and those “learning to read” tots!

  2. That’s me! My husband and I are graphic designer type nerds!

    This was a special present that I bought for myself for Christmas (along with the XYZ Blocks). Now that all the holiday goodies are long gone I’m ready to get this out and give them a try.

    Oh, and our toddler – his name is Fred. He totally knows his name is on the front of that box.

  3. I need these in my life. All the fun stuff is American, I need to befriend someone to send me all the type goodies I find over there!

  4. Wow, what a great idea and gift :D