Magnetic Soap Holder

Here’s a minimal way to keep your soap off the sink with the help of magnets. The Magnetic Soap Holder helps you keep it dry and within reach until it’s time to lather up. Press magnet into bar, and it “sticks” to the holder when not in use.

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  1. I saw this a lot in early 80s.

  2. My parents have „magnetholders“ for soaps in their end-70s-house.
    Not so beautifully designed thou. These here are nice and simple.

  3. I remember these from my childhood {the 70’s}, and whenever the magnet would get lost you’d just add a bottle cap to the soap as a magnificent replacement!

  4. that totally brings memories back… those were fun, just not really that pretty to look at.

  5. Haha, everyone had this as a child? Me too, and I remember loving it for its simplicity and geniality :)

  6. so I see I’m not the only one who remembers it from her/his childhood… (:… But as much as it’s a fond memory, I have to admit that the liquid soap is much more hygienic…