Obama’s Handwriting

Wow, President Barack Obama’s handwriting is simply stunning.

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  1. A low “t” bar indicates goals set lower than what can be accomplished, according to psychology of handwriting.

  2. I’ve always been obsessed with his signature. What does that huge B indicate?

  3. Looks like the strokes of a megalomanic

  4. This is why this man will get re-elected

  5. “an elegant proof of God” – Obama is pandering to the Bible belt.

  6. 1. ‘Psychology’ of handwriting is pseudoscience, experts are no better at making claims about a subject than the general public.

    and 2. I think you’re right Peter, he’s just saying what people want to hear to make sure they don’t get suspicious. He does accept/understand evolution after all.

  7. I love the style… (for a left hand writer! better than mine! :D)

  8. Read the note – Life of Pi is an awesome story. You’ll get way more out of reading the book than trying to read between the lines of his comments or what his handwriting means.

  9. I think he is pretty darn good writer for a leftie!

  10. Oh I can’t wait until his ‘stunning’ handwriting is never written on anything associated with the White House after this year!

  11. What a great example he sets – not only is reading with his daughter, but he’s taking the time to write to the author to let them know how much he and his daughter (I’m guessing Malea, the older daughter, given the subject matter and reading level) enjoyed the book. When was the last time any of us took the time to thank an author we enjoyed? I resolve to do this at least once this year.

  12. President Obama and I are both left handed and we both hold our pen in the exact same (strange) way. Our handwriting looks similar, although his takes a more masculine slant.

  13. Not only is his handwriting terrific the fact that he and his daughters read “Life of Pi” is just as impressive if not more so.

  14. stared at this repeatedly over the past week. Stunning ink set with amazing writing. Do we know that this is really him or not a ghost-inker?
    A handwriting font of that calibre would be amazing.

  15. ha, a quick google — we probably saw this before a few years ago, but funny to revisit:
    http://www.insignedesign.com/obama/ font

  16. As a professional handwriting expert let me add this.

    The signature is incongruent with the body = what you see is not what you get.

    His capital letters are exceedingly large and exceedingly disproportionate = narcissism. Everything – I mean everything – that he does is to support image and ego. Highly defended.

    Superiority complex compensating for inferiority complex.


  17. P.S. to my above comment.

    Watch for my Amazon Kindle report on his handwriting and that of Gov. Jan Brewer. It is no wonder they have some conflicts.

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